How ARS Stands Out Form The Rest

sses to the Maryland Zoo, Maryland Science Center, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore are also provided to our employees.

As employees’ age and their worries shift to elder care concerns and retirement uncertainties, ARS is still there to help. Quarterly on-site retirement education sessions are held, during which our certified retirement advisor provides personalized attention to each attendee. To combat additional worries such as those arising from the aging process, blending families, and adult care, an informative website and hotline is available for all employees to utilize. For those employees needing to miss work due to personal or family illness and who have exhausted their paid leave, ARS’s leave sharing program allows coworkers to donate their unused time.

As our employees grow, personally as well as professionally, ARS provides support along the way. ARS encourages participation in various activities and educational sessions, supplying access to a number of helpful resources, promoting various employee discounts, and most importantly providing ongoing personalized attention, American Radiology achieves our goal of successfully promoting positive work/life balance within our organization.

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