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Advanced Post Processing

Post Processing
High quality glossy images and movie loops often help with treatment planning and patient education.

Techniques to Improve Care

American Radiology Services has invested in state of the art technology that gets powerful patient data into the most important hands…yours! At ARS, we provide referring physicians with high quality glossy images of their patient’s MRA or CTA in addition to the written report. These images are just the right size for patient charts and can be key for physicians when educating patients and discussing the results of an exam.

Additional features that ARS can provide

Taking 3D color images to the next level: At the physician’s request, we can take that same data and display it in a movie loop format. Reviewing this 3D data in a movie format often helps with treatment planning and patient education.

More Information

For more information about how ARS can enhance the processing of your patients images, please contact our 3D imaging specialist at

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